11+ Entrance Exam Preparation – Good News!

Students celebrating 11+ entrance exam success!

11+ Entrance Exam Preparation – Good News!


Figures estimate that between 30-40% of students across the UK receive private academic tuition each year.

Those numbers have undoubtedly increased over the past year due to the impact of the global pandemic on academic institutions’ ability to provide consistent and comprehensive education.

Parents who have accessed tuition with us have done so for several reasons, including their children feeling as though they are not receiving enough support with their school’s remote learning practices; a high turnover of teaching staff within a particular subject or several subjects; and being overwhelmed (or even underwhelmed – i.e., inadequately challenged) by the pace of learning within a classroom setting.

What is your reason for seeking a private tutor either online or in Manchester from the comfort of your own home?

Why do you or your child want to work with a private tutor?

Whatever your reason, as one of Manchester’s leading providers of private tuition, our educational experts at Manchester Tutors will always seek to go above and beyond to ensure your child excels in their school life and beyond!

Subject Spotlight: 11+ Entrance Exam Preparation

One of our most popular subjects for tuition with a high-success rate, including several very exceptional results each year is: 11+ Entrance Exam Tuition.

Read a couple of positive responses from our happy parents following this year’s (2021) results:

“He passed his test for Oldham Hulme Grammar School and has a place for September 2021. He received a bursary of £XXX to help with the fees. Thank you for your support.”

Another year 6 student received several offers after sitting his 11+ entrance exam papers in January 2021, but went with his first-choice school – Manchester Grammar School Boys.

“Just wanted to share some more good news with you about his senior school acceptances.

This morning, he received offers from both Bolton Grammar and Bury Grammar.

He has also been awarded a maths scholarship at Bury Grammar and given the opportunity to represent the maths department at Bury.

We are very proud of him and wanted to share this with you and, again, say thanks for all your support.”

These students attended the 11+ Entrance Exam Group Tuition sessions held every Saturday. These 11+ exam preparation classes were held in our centre in Central Manchester, but then moved online due to the pandemic lockdown restrictions. Despite these challenges, the results speak for themselves!

If you are looking for specialist 11+ entrance exam tuition, get in touch today.

How Entrance Exam Tuition Works

Our tutors deliver small group and 1-2-1 entrance exam preparation tuition in the following subjects: Maths, English (Comprehension and Creative Writing), Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning.

All tutors use a variety of strategies and materials to prepare children for their entrance exams that is not limited to simply working through endless private school past papers and Bond preparation books (as good as this may be at the right time)!

Another benefit of working with an agency like Manchester Tutors to deliver your child’s 11+ entrance exam preparation is the collaborative support and training provision offered to tutors who work with us; they have access to decades of past papers, knowledge and experience through informal conversations with each other and formal training days for continued professional development.

Entrance Exam Preparation for 7+ to 13+

Manchester Tutors also provides entrance exam preparation for students seeking entry at primary and upper-secondary level, including 7+, 8+, 9+, 12+ and 13+ entrance examination preparation.


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