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Homeschooling is becoming a more popular option for parents in the UK who are taking on the duty of educating their own children instead of sending them to a traditional school. As a result of Covid 19, the idea of homeschooling has acquired more traction, and it is claimed that over 125,000 kids are now being supported at home in the UK.

There are several reasons why parents decide to homeschool their children. Some people decide to homeschool because they are unhappy with the local schools or are unable to enrol them in the institution of their choice. Others opt to do so because they want to provide their exceptionally talented, athletic, or creative children with more than the local schools can provide. In the end it is a parent’s choice whether homeschooling is in their child’s best interests.

There are a lot of presumptions and false beliefs about homeschooling. For starters the law does not distinguish between different justifications for choosing to homeschool, and parents are not required to provide a justification. The truth is that there is no mandated curriculum, no defined schedule, no inspection requirements for homeschooling families. While there are many online teaching tools accessible to support homeschooling, there are few options for high-quality, direct instruction. Many families decide to either teach their children themselves or hire tutors.

Our tutoring team have a lot of success and experience offering teachers for homeschool students of all ages, skill levels, and needs. All academic topics, including English language and literature, math, science, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, languages, economics, business studies, computer science, and psychology will be taught either online or in-person by our tutors.

Our teachers can assist families with planning a comprehensive learning programme, conducting weekly one-on-one classes, keeping track of progress, setting up public exams, and assisting and counselling parents.

The same principles that lead to academic success also apply to homeschooling success. The quality of a student’s teacher is the single most important factor in determining the calibre of education they receive, that is why families all over Manchester choose us to support their homeschool journey.

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My 9 year old twins share a tutor, Amanda, who teaches them maths and English for one hour a week. She is a great influence on them, very charming and positive and they get through so much work with her. Really pleased with the progress my twins have achieved with Amanda.

Joanna Howard February 15, 2022

I had some great time with my tutor. Absolutely professional way of teaching and getting people the grades they want Thank you so much Manchester tutors.

muhammad mustafa August 18, 2021

I worked for Manchester Tutors 2016 - 2017 and had a very positive experience then. During summer 2020 I crossed paths with the company again, and am now thrilled to be working with them once more. The team are very professional, providing both excellent support and rewarding opportunities for tutors. I am always impressed by the efficiency of communications, which also always feel friendly and easy. Thank you Abigail and Romana!

L Fol June 25, 2021

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