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Manchester Tutors have already helped hundreds of children in preparing for their all-important 11+ examinations to secure their places at selective grammar and secondary schools across Manchester.

Whether it be verbal and non-verbal reasoning, Maths or English, CEM or GL assessments, our specialist tutors in 11+ exam preparation are able to tailor their tutoring to the student’s needs and help them make the grade.

Even if your child is already ahead in terms of academic learning and success at school, the 11+ examinations require a higher level of proficiency and skill. Therefore, by working with one of our 11+ exam tutors, you will give your child the best chance of success.

For a free consultation with one of our Tuition Support Consultants, fill in the enquiry form telling us what you need and a member of our team will call you back the next working day for a free consultation and to match you with the tutor you need.

Our tutors have already helped students attain places at:


Please note: 11+ Booster Courses are available during school holidays and 11+ Entrance Exam Preparation Group Tuition Classes are available during term-time at weekends and on weekday evenings online and across Manchester. Ask for more information!




My 9 year old twins share a tutor, Amanda, who teaches them maths and English for one hour a week. She is a great influence on them, very charming and positive and they get through so much work with her. Really pleased with the progress my twins have achieved with Amanda.

Joanna Howard February 15, 2022

I had some great time with my tutor. Absolutely professional way of teaching and getting people the grades they want Thank you so much Manchester tutors.

muhammad mustafa August 18, 2021

I worked for Manchester Tutors 2016 - 2017 and had a very positive experience then. During summer 2020 I crossed paths with the company again, and am now thrilled to be working with them once more. The team are very professional, providing both excellent support and rewarding opportunities for tutors. I am always impressed by the efficiency of communications, which also always feel friendly and easy. Thank you Abigail and Romana!

L Fol June 25, 2021

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