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The Perfect Study Environment

Manchester Tutors’ online tuition offers your child the very best in tutoring and academic guidance in the comfort of your home. In the relaxed atmosphere of familiar surroundings, with a direct link to one of our professional online tutors, give your child this vital edge. Ensure your child’s safety and academic progress by monitoring their online tutoring sessions, without feelings of intrusion. Manchester Tutors’ online tutoring sessions are delivered in a study environment completely under your control.

Interaction and Accessibility: Online Tutoring Resources

Manchester Tutors’ online tutoring enables easy delivery of teaching resources, access to online resources and effective electronic teaching tools. With instant recourse to cloud storage facilities, our online tutors can provide your child with immediate access to syllabus notes, past papers and other study materials. Also, online educational resources, such as Google Earth, Google Maps and Wikipedia, are also just a click away, providing a more wholesome learning experience. The use of electronic teaching tools, such as online whiteboards and screen sharing, is also more effective in the context of online tutoring, enabling better interaction between tutor and student.

The Convenience of Online Tutoring

Delivered at the time of your choosing, online tuition sessions can be accommodated in even the most jam-packed schedules. At Manchester Tutors, we offer you complete flexibility in scheduling our online tutoring sessions and endeavour to accommodate your schedule the best we can. Working round the clock to accommodate you, you can avail Manchester Tutors’ online tutoring service from anywhere in the world. As long as you have an internet connection and an appropriate device, you can rest assured your child won’t miss out on their academic progress, wherever you might be.

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