Classroom sizes and peer pressure: Giving your child confidence

As a parent you might have already been in the situation where your child is struggling at school. Their teachers tell you that your son or daughter doesn’t speak up in class, doesn’t raise their hand even if the question is as simple as 2+2, and looks nervous when the teacher asks them a question in front of the class. But what looks on the surface like an ‘academic’ problem may actually be far more subtle: confidence.

What this means is that children may struggle at school not only because they are finding their subjects challenging, but that the nature of a big classroom environment with only one teacher, who can only focus a limited amount of attention on each student at a time, is not the type of learning environment your child thrives in. This can be because they are naturally shy, struggle to focus with so many people around, or their confidence may have suffered at some stage in the past and this was never addressed.

The knock on effect can be severe. The child could delve further into their shell and continue to struggle, and because it appears to be an academic problem, remedies like extra homework will do little to help because the subject itself is not the root of the problem.

That is where private tuition can help. It’s not just about getting a tutor to help your child with a particular subject. It’s about giving them back the confidence they need to participate in classroom questions and discussions. Where your child may not feel confident to speak in front of twenty classmates and the teacher, there is a strong chance they will feel comfortable speaking in front of their tutor in their own home, which will hopefully translate to comfort and confidence back in the classroom.

As a result, as a private tuition firm we handpick all of our tutors. We are not just interested in their qualifications and whether they can teach a subject or not. What makes us recruit a tutor is also their understanding of different learning needs and personalities of children and that they understand the principle that one glove does NOT fit all.

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