Become A Private Tutor

Become a Private Tutor

At Manchester Tutors we want to build close and long-lasting relationships with tutors. We look to recruit enthusiastic, personable and committed individuals who are passionate about the subjects they teach, but also share our satisfaction and pleasure in helping children and teenagers to learn and succeed.

While teaching skills and qualifications are helpful and respected, there is a difference between one-on-one tuition and classroom teaching. Similarly, there is a difference in approach, and often personality, between those who excel in a classroom, and those who can get the most out of pupils in a one-on-one environment.

As a tutor with Manchester Tutors, we would present you with relevant private tuition opportunities to your experience and skillset, where you then decide if you wish to take on a new client or not.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor with Manchester Tutors, email us your CV and the subjects and levels you wish to tutor to:

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